Set up your Exchange email and calendar on iPhone or iPad, Android and Windows mobile devices. To set up other devices or apps, use the generic email settings.

NoteWhen prompted to enter your credentials, enter your UARK email and password. 

  • iPhone or iPad
    Note: In the Description field, enter "UA Exchange." If prompted for additional information, enter "" in the Server field. Setting your UARK Exchange mailbox as your default account is recommended.

  • Windows Mobile Devices
    Note: When prompted, enter "Enter "" for the server address, and check the "This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection" box. When prompted, enter "" for the domain name. 
  • Android
    Android is available on a variety of devices from different manufacturers, making software on each device slightly different. Step-by-step instructions will not apply to all versions and devices. 

    When adding your Exchange mailbox to your Android, use the following settings:
    • Account type: Corporate or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
    • Server name:
    • Domain:
      Note: Limited support is available for Androids due to the variety of operating systems available for these devices.

If you receive an error on your first attempt to add the account, tap Manual Setup and enter the information below.

Incoming Mail Server (IMAP)

  • Enter "" as the Incoming Mail Server (IMAP).
  • The security type is SSL (TLS).
  • The server port is 993.

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)

  • Enter "" as the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP).
  • The security type is SSL (TLS).
  • The server port is 587.

Updated 08/07/2018

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