Selected items, such as reports, can be printed from a BASIS session using a networked printer or a printer attached to a networked computer. More information about BASIS can be found at the BASIS website.

Networked Printer Setup

  1. Verify your printer meets the BASIS guidelines. See BASIS printer requirements.
  2. Connect the BASIS compatible printer to a live network outlet.
  3. Print a configuration page by following the instructions in the manual for your printer.
  4. Find the printer's MAC address in order to obtain a DHCP entry. For an external print server, the MAC address should be printed on a label on the bottom of the box.

Register Your Printer

  1. Register your printer using the Network Registration Page. Take note of the preassigned DNS entry.
  2. Create a ticket requesting a BASIS print setup. Enter "Network" as the subject, and provide the following information as the Description:
    • Printer domain name
    • Contact name
    • Phone number
    • Budgetary unit (four-letter department code)
    • Email address
    • Location of the printer (building and room)
    • Brand and model of the printer

The average turnaround time on this type of setup is approximately 10 working days. After the printer is set up, test pages will be sent to verify functionality.

To set up a non-networked printer in Windows, see BASIS Print Setup for Windows.

Updated 07/22/2015

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