SAS is an integrated suite of analytics software products available by site license and in computer labs, enabling:

  • Data entry, retrieval and management
  • Report writing and graphics
  • Statistical and mathematical analysis
  • Business forecasting and decision support
  • Operations research and project management
  • Applications development

The core of the SAS system consists of:

  • The SAS programming language used to manage data
  • Software tools for data analysis and reporting
  • The SAS Macro Facility
  • Windowing environment with a graphical interface including menus, keyboard and mouse use

More information about SAS software is available at

Site Licenses

  • Faculty or staff can purchase a SAS site license by submitting a request on the IT Services Site License website. When you purchase a statistical site license, an email with a download link and installation instructions will be sent to your UARK account. The SAS Enterprise Guide is included under the current SAS site license and is installed by default.
  • The annual license period is from July 1 to June 30. Faculty and staff will receive an annual renewal notice with instructions from IT Services in late May or June. After renewing your SAS site license, a link to the download and installation instructions will be emailed to your UARK account.
  • Students can purchase a SAS site license by submitting a request using the Student Software Site License Request form.
  • If you have purchased a new computer and need SAS reinstalled, contact
  • Upgrades are free.


Use your UARK username and password to access the SAS Tutorial Information page. For assistance with statistical computing, call 479-575-2905 or contact

Updated 03/30/2015

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