Microsoft SharePoint Online includes a set of customizable navigation features to help users find content in lists, libraries and subsites. Site owners can select navigation settings based on site requirements.

  • Global Navigation: Navigation is displayed at the top of the page in most websites.
  • Current Navigation: Navigation is displayed on the side of the page in most websites.
  • Sorting: Specifies how subsites, pages, headings and navigation links will be sorted.
  • Navigation Editing and Sorting: Reorders and modifies the navigation items. Navigation links and headings can be created, deleted and edited. Navigation items can be moved under headings, and pages and subsites can be displayed or hidden.
  • Show and Hide Ribbon: The ribbon toolbar appears across the top of each page and displays the most commonly used tools, controls and commands. Specify whether the user has access to the Show Ribbon and Hide Ribbon commands on the Site Settings menu.


Change the navigation settings for your site.

Updated 08/07/2018

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