Resolution Time: 2-10 business days

If you are trying to connect to an existing port on campus that does not have an Ethernet lock installed and having difficulty, there may be a problem with the network cable that connects your device to the network. There is likely a problem with the port that will need to be resolved if:

  • Windows: There is a red X over the network icon in the system tray and you receive the message “A network cable is unplugged.”
  • MacOS: There is a red light next to Built-in Ethernet in the Network System Preferences.

If your network port is inactive or appears to be active with no network connectivity, create a ticket to get the issue resolved.

You’ll need the following information to fill out the ticket:

  1. The wall port information printed on the ethernet wall plate
  2. MAC Address of the computer currently plugged into the port
  3. Your device’s settings configured for DHCP

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