UAConnect: Advisor Homepage Overview

Log into UAConnect and click the Advisor Center tile on your homepage.


My Advisees

My Advisees is the default page when entering the Advisor Center and contains an alphabetic roter of all advisees assigned to you as their advisor.

This page contains links and information about your advisees including photos, email links and a link to view details about the student’s academics. Along with all this information, you have a link to assist and advise students who have not been assigned to you.


Advisee General Info

The General Info page is another source of information available to assist the advisor. The information on this page allows the advisor to view various pieces of the student’s academic information such as service indicators, advising holds, student groups, and biographic and demographic information.

This screenshot displays all the groups as collapsed. Click the green arrow on the left to expand that group and display the information contained inside.


Advisee Transfer Credit

Use the Transfer Credit page to evaluate your advisees with transfer credit summary. View the test credits and details on test scores.


Advisee Academics

Use the Advisee Academics page to view program and plan information for your advisee. In addition, you will see the Term Summary for each term the student has been enrolled and includes the class schedule, level/load and statistics. 


Degree Audit (Advisor)

This link provides easy access to request a degree audit for your advisees. From Degree Audit Plan Selection, you can Run Reports on the student’s plans and sub-plans.


The Degree Audit Report Detail provides specific information and status of the student’s academic progress. 


Hold Release

  1. Click the Hold Release link to remove an advising hold from one of your advisees.
  2. Click the Code (ADV) to view the Service Indicator.


  3. Click the Release button to remove the advising hold on the student.



  1. Click the UASuccess link to open the  login page. This link will open to a new window or tab, depending on your browser settings.


Updated 02/27/2017

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