UAConnect: Grant Access to Parent Center

The Parent/Family Access option allows you, the student, to authorize access to certain academic and financial information on your Student Homepage. This authorization provides access to the designee (a parent or another third party) to view your student account data, your financial aid information, your academic information and your directory information. This document also includes information about resetting the authorized user’s password and removing a user’s access to your accounts.

Set up the Parent Center

To allow others to access your student academic and financial information, start by opening your UAConnect Student Homepage and clicking the Profile tile.

  1. Click the Grant Parent/Family Access link.


    This page contains three sections:
      • The permission statement and agreement
      • Important information to remember
      • The authorization

  2. Read the permission box and click the checkbox granting the university permission to share your account information.


  3. Review the second section containing important information about your designee’s email.


  4. The third section requires the email address of your designee along with the areas you are allowing access to.
    Note: When entering the designee’s email address, remember that this field case sensitive and is limited to 30 characters. Access problems will occur if a longer address is used.

  5. Enter and confirm the email address of the person you have designated to view your account in the Email Address and Confirm Email Address fields. This will be the account ID  for this person.
    You are responsible for notifying your designee of their unique account ID. 


  6. Click the checkbox for each area approved for access. You can authorize up to two parties with different areas of access, if desired.
    Note: If you select the My Student Account Data check box, this message will appear. Follow the instructions. Click OK to close the message.


  7. Click Save to complete the authorization. Be aware that you are responsible for notifying your designee of this unique account ID (email account).

  8. Once the authorization is saved, your designee will receive an email from the university containing the temporary password associated with that account ID. Also included are login instructions for the Parent Center. An example of the email is shown below.


Your authorized designee now has access to view your educational and financial information on the Parent Center.

Reset the Parent Center Password

If the Parent Center password expires or is forgotten and needs to be reset, you are responsible for resetting the password for your designee.

  1. Click the Grant Parent/Family Access link on your Profile tile on the Student Homepage.
  2. Re-check the box granting permission to release the educational records.
  3. Re-enter and confirm the original Email Address.
  4. Click the Reset Password button.
  5. A new email, similar to the original, is then sent to your designee with a new temporary password. 


Remove the Authorization

If you have granted more than one authorization, select the one you wish to disable.

  1. Click the Remove Authorization button. The authorization is now removed.

Updated 11/08/2017

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