The “What-If?” report is an academic advisement report where the user supplies the desired major information to determine what degree requirements would need to be satisfied. This option is useful for students who are uncertain as to which degree to pursue, what major to choose or how changes to the requirement terms (catalog years) may affect them.

Students, advisors and administrative users can use this feature. Students access this feature through their Student Homepage (Degree Audit tile), advisors access this from the Advisor Homepage on the Degree Audit (Advisor) link.

Note: Use the information from this report in conjunction with the Catalog of Studies.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate homepage (student or advisor) and click the tile/link.

  2. The Degree Audit Plan Selection Page opens.

  3. Scroll to the “What-If?” section at the bottom of the page.

  4. Click either the Major (default) or the Minors and Other Plans radio button. Only one option can be selected and run each time.

    Major radio button
    Minors and Other Plans radio button

  5. Run Report when all fields are complete.

  6. Review the degree audit for the selected program.

Updated 03/12/2018

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