VoIP Conference Phone Setup

Polycom 8500/8800 Setup Instructions

When your Polycom device arrives, please complete the following configuration steps before contacting the VoIP team:

  1. Turn the device on.
  2. Open the Settings menu and tap Advanced.
  3. Enter the default passcode: 456
    Note: This code can be changed once the phone is provisioned.
  4. From the Advanced menu, navigate to Administration Settings -> Network Configuration -> Provisioning Server.
    • Server Type: HTTP
    • Server Address: ovoc.uark.edu/configfiles/
  5. Select DHCP Menu.
    • Boot Server: Static
    • BootSrv Opt: 160
  6. Tap the Back button on the top left and confirm all settings are correct.
  7. Tap Back again and then tap Save Config.

To finalize the setup of your conference phone, please collect the IP address and location information for the device by navigating to Settings -> Status -> System Information.

Send this information to the VoIP project team by emailing voip@uark.edu

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