25Live: Creating an Event

  1. Log into 25Live at https://25live.collegenet.com/uark.


  2. Click the Sign In link in the upper right corner.


  3. Enter your UARK username and password.

  4. Click Log in. Your Home page is displayed.

  5. Click the Create an Event button to open the Event Wizard.


The Events Wizard

The asterisk (*) indicates a required field. If any required fields are left blank, the message "Events cannot be submitted unless all required fields are completed" displays.

  1. Enter the name of the event you are creating in the Event Name field. 

  2. The Event Title is not required.

  3.  Enter the Event Type. Select Other unless you are given a different event type by your supervisor or the Central Scheduling Office.

  4. Enter the Primary Organization for this event. Select Central Scheduling Office unless you are given a different event type by your supervisor.

  5. Click Next.


  6. Enter Expected Head Count information. Enter the number that you expect will attend your event.
    Example: If you plan for 25 to attend, even though you actually expect only 15 will show up, enter 25.

  7. Click Next.


  8. Enter Event Occurrences.
    1. Click the box that is appropriate for your event. Click Next.

    2. The Event Start and Event End date and time fields are automatically populated. If necessary, change the dates and times for your event.

    3. Select the Setup or Takedown time requirements. Click Next. 


  9. Choose how the event Repeats. Click the box that fits your event.


    Repeat Schedule Options


  10. Select the Event Location.


    1. Click Search by Location Name to search by a building code or specific room. 


    2. Click the room name to select it for your event. 


      Note: The university does not currently use either Event Resources or Event Custom Attributes at this time. Click Next to move through these screens.


  11. Select Event Contacts.


  12. Select Categories for this event.
    The user’s security access determines the categories that may be selected here. If your security allows you to see other category options, select Other unless your supervisor directs you to use another option. 


  13. Add Event Comments and Notes.


  14. Verify or Change the Event State. The system is set to default to Tentative.


    1. Verify that your information is correct by checking the summary on the left side of the screen. If everything is correct, click Save. Note that it may take several seconds for the event to save.


    2. A new screen opens and indicates the event is successfully saved. Click the Close button to close out of this event.