25Live: Overview

Introducing 25Live, the web-based event request, scheduling, calendaring and publishing environment.

25Live Home Page

The 25Live Home page provides two viewing options, the Dashboard and the Calendar. Click the sub-tab to change your view.

The Home page opens up to your most recent view selection as your view preference. This view will be displayed the next time you sign on.

Note: What you can see and do in 25Live depends on your security privileges.


The Dashboard is designed to be your browser-based desktop for working in 25Live. From the Dashboard, you are able to Create an Event, Perform a Quick Search, Access Your Events, Open an event, Find Available Locations and more. 


The calendar presents, by default, a view of what’s happening today and any additional date span specified. Remember that what you can see and do in a calendar depends on your security privileges.


Items on the dashboard may be moved to a different location on the dashboard by clicking the item and dragging it to the new location.