25Live: Quick Reference Guide

Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for accessing 25Live. Users are strongly discouraged from using Internet Explorer.

  1. Access 25Live at https://25live.collegenet.com/uark 
  2. Log into 25Live by clicking the Sign In to 25Live link at the top. University of Arkansas students, staff and faculty log in with their UARK usernames and passwords.
    Note: Individuals without a UARK account can view the 25Live website, but need to have a University of Arkansas sponsor in order to request an event.

Check Location Availability

If you know the name of the room: Under the Quick Search section, enter the full or partial name of the room or building in Search Locations.

Example: UPTE 221, HUNT, ARKU)


The rooms appear in a list. Select a location name to see its Details. Availability and Calendar can be chosen to view events occurring in this location.

If you are unsure of the name or would like a variety of rooms:

  1. Click on the blue Locations tab.


  2. Click on the Your Location Searches tab.


    • Under Search Groupings, you can search for rooms in numerous ways including Features, Capacities or Public Searches.

Home page opens up to your most recent view selection as your view preference. This view will be displayed the next time you log on.
Note: What you can see and do in 25Live depends on your security privileges.


The Dashboard is designed to be your browser-based desktop for working in 25Live. From the Dashboard you are able to Create an Event, Perform a Quick Search, Access Your Events, and Open an Event, Locaton or Resource from a list of options. There are many additional features you may access that aren’t listed here.


The calendar presents, by default, a view of what’s happening today and any additional date span specified. Remember that what you can see and do in a calendar depends on your security privileges.