UAConnect: Applying for Graduation

Current students can apply for graduation through their Student Homepage in UAConnect. Applicants who no longer have access to UAConnect will need to contact their Dean’s office to apply for graduation.

Graduation Requirements

Applicants must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate: 90 or more earned hours
  • Graduate: one completed semester
  • Law: 60 or more earned hours

NoteUndergraduates in the Walton College of Business must contact the Undergraduate Programs Office at 479-575-4622, WCOB 328, prior to applying for graduation.

Application Fees

Degree Type Cost
Bachelor $75.00
Graduate $95.00
*Certificate $45.00
*Names of students receiving a certificate are not etched in Senior Walk nor are they recognized at commencement.

Late Fees: The deadine to apply for graduation is October 1 for fall commencement, March 1 for spring commencement and July 1 for summer commencement. Students applying late will be assessed a $25 fee. 

Graduation Application Process

  1. Log into UAConnect. Click the Degree Audit tile on your Student Homepage.

  2. Click Apply for Graduation.

    Apply for Graduation link

  3. Review your current degree and major listed on the Submit an Application for Graduation page. If this information is incorrect, stop and contact your Dean’s office to have it corrected.

    Apply for Graduation link

  4. If the degree and major information are correct, click the Apply for Graduation link to begin the application process.
    Note: If the Apply for Graduation link is not visible, you have not completed enough hours to apply for graduation at this time.

  5. Select the term when all your degree requirements will be completed from the Expected Graduation Term drop-down menu.

  6. View the Graduation Instructions. This section will include all application fees and deadlines.

  7. Click Continue to advance to the next step.

    Apply for Graduation page

Commencement Participation Information

Please note that the form expands as you answer additional questions.

  1. If you plan to attend the commencement ceremony, click the Yes radio button.

  2. Select the Commencement Term from the drop-down menu.

    Commencement Information Information page

  3. Select the check box of the ceremony you plan to attend.
    Note: If you are a graduate student in the Engineering College or the Walton College of Business, you may choose to attend both the graduate and college ceremonies.

  4. Type your name in the Name field. This is the name that will be announced during commencement ceremony. Provide the Name Pronunciation, if necessary.

  5. Click the check box to either authorize or not authorize the University to publish your name in the Commencement Program and on Senior Walk.
    Note: If you choose not to have this information published you cannot change it at a later date.

  6. Type your name, as you want it printed on your diploma, in the Diploma Name field.

  7. Type the Address where you wish to have the diploma mailed.

  8. Click Next.

Post-graduation Information

  1. Please indicate your plans after graduation. Select the options that best fit your plans. Different options appear based on your selections.

    Post-Graduation page

  2. Click Continue to view the confirmation page and submit your application.

  3. Review your Degree, Major and Expected Graduation Term before submitting your application.
    Note: If your degree or major is incorrect, contact your Dean’s office to have the information changed.

    Graduation Application

    Note: The Course of Study: University Requirement refers to state minimum core requirements.

  4. If all information is correct, click Submit Application.

  5. You will receive an email confirming that your application has been successfully submitted.