UAConnect: Assign an Advisor

Use the Student Advisor page to view or assign individual advisors or a committee of advisors associated with the student.

Navigation: NavBar > Navigator > Records and Enrollment > Student Background Information > Student Advisor

  1. Type the available student information in the fields and click Search.


  2. The Student Advisor page opens ready for the Advisor assignment.


      • The first group box displays the Academic Institution. This field should default to THEUA.
      • The Effective Date field should default to the current date. You can manually change this date if needed to show the date the advisor or committee becomes effective for the student. 
      • The second group box contains information about the advisor or committee.

  3. Select the Advisor Role from the drop-down menu. This field indicates the role the advisor serves for the student


  4. Select the student’s Academic Career, Academic Program and Academic Plan. If unknown, click the magnifying glass icons to select the values.


  5. Enter the Academic Advisor. If an individual advises a student, this field will display that advisor’s ID. UAConnect prompts you with advisors that are within the student’s academic career and program. 


  6. Check the Advised by Committee box if a committee rather than an individual advises a student. The Committee field becomes available for entry, and the Academic Advisor field becomes unavailable for entry. 
      • A check in the Must Approve Enrollment checkbox indicates that the advisor must approve a student’s enrollment into classes. This checkbox is for information purposes only.
      • A check in the Must Approve Graduation checkbox indicates the advisor or committee must make a degree check before completion of the student graduation process. The Graduation Approved checkbox then becomes available for entry. Both checkboxes are for information purposes only.
      • A check in the Graduation Approved checkbox indicates the advisor or committee has made a degree check and the student’s graduation process can now be completed. This checkbox is only available for entry when the Must Approve Graduation checkbox is selected.

  7. When all fields are completed, click Save.

If additional advisors need to be added, click the button to add another.