UAConnect: Create a Homepage - Administrative

To create a new homepage follow the instructions below.

Note: you can create multiple homepages allowing you to combine the necessary screens forspecific tasks.

Create the Homepage

  1. Log into UAConnect.


  2. Navigate to the desired page. This example will show you how to add the Search for Classes page.


    1. Navigate to the desired page. In this example, click Curriculum Management, then Schedule of Classes, and finally Class Search to open that page. 


  3. Once the page is open, click the Menu icon from that page.

  4. Select Add to Homepage.


  5. Select from available homepages OR create a new homepage.


  6. Click ADD.

  7. Notification that the page was added to a new homepage displays.


  8. Click OK. The new tile appears on the homepage you selected.


Verify New Tile on the Homepage

  • Once you have saved the screen to your homepage, click the link in the left corner of the banner. This will take you back one level to the indicated homepage. 


  • You can also click the Homepage drop-down menu in the center of the banner to view all your homepages. Select the homepage you wish to use and view all the tiles on that homepage.


Delete Homepage

  1. Click the Menu icon in the top banner and select the Personalize Homepage link.
  2. Click the Delete icon for the homepage you wish to delete.
  3. Click Save when finished.