UAConnect: Create a Security Request

Use this electronic form to create a request for security to UAConnect for full-time employees, hourly employees and university affiliates.

Creating the Request

  1. Log into UAConnect and click the Navigation icon in the top banner

  2. Click the Navigator icon in the menu.

  3. Scroll down the menu and select UA SIS Security, then click UAC Security Request.


  4. Click the Create New Request tab.


  5. Enter the nine-digit EMPL ID.


  6. Click the Add button to open the UA Security Request for this person.

Completing the Request

The Employee Name and BASIS Code fields are automatically populated. The Origination Date, Time and Orig ID are also populated.


  1. Click the Request Type drop-down menu and select from these options: Additional SecurityRequest, New Request or Remove Security Request.

  2. Click the Employee Type drop-down menu and select from these options: Affiliate, Appointed or Hourly.
    Note: If the employment type is Hourly, an Hourly Employee Agreement boxes pop up. Get more information about creating a security request for hourly workers. The Required Reading button opens to a web page with links to the different documents the employee and supervisor must read. View the hourly employee agreement and required reading list.

  3. Enter the employee’s Department, Job Title and Campus Phone number in the appropriate fields. If you are unsure of the department code, click the magnifying glass icon to look up the value.

  4. After selecting the Hourly employment type, a blank field appears for the Supervisor’s ID. This field must be populated before the form can be submitted.

  5. Select one or more check boxes for the security requested from the different functional areas: Admissions, Student Records, Student Financials and Financial Aid.

  6. Select the Career(s) from the options available: Undergraduate, Graduate, Law, Ag-Law and International.

  7. Enter a description of the security needed in each of the areas Access Requested field. A field appears for each functional area requested on this form.

  8. Click Save to complete the request process. The originator of the request receives an email when the form is submitted.

To request a change in your security request approver, complete the change request form.