UAConnect: Understand Criteria Condition Types

The more you use Query Manager, the more you are likely to refine queries with conditions other than the Equal To condition that is the default.

Between The value in the selected record field falls between two comparison values. The range is inclusive.
Equal to The value in the selected record field exactly matches the comparison value.
Exists This operator is different from the others, in that it does not compare a record field to the comparison value. The comparison value is subquery. If the subquery returns any data, Query Manager returns the corresponding row.
Greater than The value in the record field is greater than the comparison value.
In list The value in the selected record field matches one of the comparison values in a list.
In tree The value in the selected record field appears as a node in a tree created with PeopleSoft Tree Manager. The comparison value for this operator is a tree or branch of a tree that you want PeopleSoft Query to search.
Is null The selected record field does not have a value in it. You do not specify a comparison value for this operator. Key fields, required fields, character fields and numeric fields do not allow null values.
Less than The value in the record fields is less than the comparison value.
Like The value in the selected fields matches a specified string pattern. The comparison value may be a string that contains wildcard characters. The wildcard characters that Query Manager recognizes are Percent (%) and Underscore (_).

% matches any string of zero or more characters
For example, C% matches any string starting with C, including C alone.

_ matches any single character
For example, _ones matches any five-character string ending with ones, such as Jones or Cones.