UAConnect: Degree Audit for Administrative Users

This document contains information to request a degree audit, make exceptions and moving classes. Your UAConnect security will determine which features you are able to access.

Access the Degree Audit Report from the Student Homepage or the Advisor Homepage:

  1. Type the student’s University ID number in the EMPL ID field.
  2. Click Search.

Navigation: NavBar > Navigator> Academic Advisement > UA AA Custom Components > Degree Audits > Degree Audit (Admin)


Plan Selection

  1. Click Run Report for the desired plan or sub-plan. The Report Detail page opens displaying options to view additional information.


Report Detail

It is important to remember that non-coded plans, such as Correspondence Only or Global Campus, will not display on this request page. Refer to the icon legend for course status information.


Total Hours

  1. Click the Total Hours link on the Report Detail page to view information regarding hours applied toward a degree, non-degree hours and academic totals.

  2. Click Return to Detail or Return to Plans at the bottom of the screen when finished.


Major GPA

  1. Click the Major GPA link on the Report Details page to view information about the student’s major GPA.

  2. Click Return to Detail or Return to Plans at the bottom of the screen when finished.


  3. Click the Major Requirement Details link to view the advisement requirements.

  4. Click Return when finished. 


Class Details

  1. Click the Class link on the Report Details page to view detailed information regarding this class.
    • If the class is from the UA, the Class link opens to the Schedule of Classes: Class Detail page.


    • If the class is a transfer credit or test credit, the Class link opens to the Course Catalog: Catalog Detail page. 


  2. Click the Return to Class Detail link or the CLOSE button to return to the Report Detail page.

Requirement Detail

  1. Click the Requirement Details (Rqmnt Details) link on the Report Details page to view the list of courses that are eligible to satisfy that requirement.

  2. Click the Return button to go back to the Report Details page. 


Substitutions and Exceptions

This method allows a one-to-one course substitution.

  1. Identify the course you wish to move.

  2. Click the Move link. 


  3. Click the Here link.


  4. Add text in the Comments section. 


  5. Click Save.

  6. Return to the Report Details page and verify that the course exception has been recorded. 


Degree Audit Exceptions

This method allows the course requirement to be set aside.

  1. Identify the Exception. 


  2. Click the Exception link.

  3. Type text in the Comments section.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Return to the Report Details page to confirm the exception is recorded.