UAConnect: Request an Official Transcript

Students may request an official transcript be mailed from their student homepage and billed directly to their student account. Transcripts will only be mailed domestically and cannot be sent by email using this process.

To send your transcript by email, FedEx or to an international destination, go to and submit your request there.

Important: Be aware that $7.50 will be charged to your student account for each transcript ordered.

  1. Log into your UAConnect Student Homepage and click the Academic Records tile.

  2. Click My Academics in the left navigation.

  3. Click Request Official Transcript.

    Request official transcript link

  4. From the Official Transcript Request page, select when you want the transcript sent from Select Processing Options section.
    • Degree Confer Date: The transcript is sent after the degree is posted to your transcript.
    • Grade Posting: The transcript is sent after grades have been posted for the term you have selected.
    • Immediate Processing: The transcript is processed within 48 hours after the request is received.

  5. If you selected to have your transcript held until the grades are posted or your degree conferred, you must select the term from the Select Term drop-down menu.
    Note: Degrees are not posted for intersessions or independent study terms.

    Select Processing Options drop-down menu

  6. You have two options when selecting the address.
    • To send to an address that is listed in UAConnect:
      1. Check the Send To My Address check box.
      2. Select the Address Type. This will populate the address field with the selected address information.

        Enter Recipient Address Information window

    • To add an address other than the student address:
      1. Enter the recipient name in the Send To field.
      2. Click the Edit Address link.
      3. Enter the address information and click the OK button.

        Edit Address link

  7. Verify the processing options and the address you have selected.

  8. Click Submit to process the transcript request.

  9. An email will be sent to your university email address confirming the receipt of your transcript request.
    Note: You may only request one transcript at a time.

  10. If you have a financial hold on your account, you will not be able to submit your request. Click the Details link for more information.

    Details link