UAConnect: Quick Start Guide

Each time you log into UAConnect, the system opens to your main homepage where you can easily navigate to pages or screens that you commonly use.

You may have multiple homepages based your UAConnect roles. Click the homepage title in the center of the banner to access other homepages. This is important to know if you are an administrative employee who is also taking classes or teaching classes. You will have the UA Administrative Users homepage, along with a Student homepage, a Faculty/Advisor homepage or any other homepages you may create to help you do your job.



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It is easy to navigate in the new system, either from your homepage or from the Navigator icon. Here are instructions on this process.

From your home page:

On your homepage will be your default tile(s) in addition to any tiles you may choose to add to your homepage.

  1. Click the tile to open the page that you wish to access.

  2. Many homepage tiles will open to a single page, while others open to a collection of pages. You will find the pages collection on the left side list. Just click the link to open the page you wish to access.

  3. When finished, click the back button in the banner to return to the previous page.

From the Navigator:

Using the navigation tool in the banner allows you to access all your pages in UAConnect.

  1. Click the Navigator icon to view your options.


  2. Click Navigator icon in the NavBar to open and view the various folders available.

  3. Click through the menu(s) to locate the desired page.

  4. To navigate back:
    1. Click the left arrow at the top of the NavBar to go back one level
    2. Click the up arrow to return to the main Navigator menu. 


Set a New Homepage from the NavBar

  1. Click the Action Menu icon in the banner and select Personalize Homepage.


  2. Drag the desired Homepage to the top of the list of Homepages. This makes it the default Homepage when you click the Home icon on the top right of the banner.

Add and Remove Tiles on the NavBar

  • Add Tile
    1. Click the NavBar icon to open, and then click the gear icon to see a list of your tiles in your NavBar.
    2. Click the Add Tile button.
    3. Navigate through the menu to find the tile (page) you want to add.
    4. Click the tile name, and then the Add Tile button.
      Note: Any tiles you add are displayed at the bottom of the NavBar.
  • Remove Tile
    1. Click the red X on the tile. Tiles without the red X cannot be removed.
    2. Click the Done button to save your changes.
      Note: To change the order of the tiles, click the gear icon, then drag and drop the icons in a different order. Click the Done button when finished.

Personalize Homepages and Tiles

  1. Click the Action Menu icon in the banner and select Personalize Homepage.


  2. A list of your homepages appears in the left side navigation.


Add a Homepage

  1. Click the Add Homepage button.
  2. Enter a name in the Add New Homepage text field.
  3. Click the Add button
  4. Proceed to add tiles to your new homepage.
  5. Click Save.

Important: We recommend using your UARK username as the first part of your new homepage.
Example: rzorback Test Page.

Delete a Homepage

  1. Click the Action Menu icon in the banner and select Personalize Homepage.
  2. Click the red X to the right of the name.
  3. Click Save.

Change Order of Homepages

  1. Click the Action Menu icon in the banner and select Personalize Homepage.


  2. Your Homepages appear on the left. Drag and drop the desired order of the pages.

  3. Click Save. The Homepage at the topof the listwill be your new default Homepage.