UAConnect: Release an Advising Hold

This process describes how to remove an advising hold or other service indicator from an advisee’s account using the UA Advisor Center navigation on your Advisor Homepage.

  1. Log into the UAConnect Advisor Homepage. This opens to your list of assigned advisees.

  2. Check the checkbox of the student who has an advising hold you wish to release.

  3. Click Hold Release in the left navigation. This opens the Manage Service Indicators page.


  4. Click the Code link (ADV) to review and release the hold.


    Note: Although you may see more than one hold on the student’s account, you only have the authorization to remove the advising hold.

  5. Click the Release button to remove the advising hold.

  6. Scroll to the bottom to view the services impacted by this hold.


  7. Confirm the release of the hold.