UAConnect: Report Student Attendance

To be in compliance with federal financial aid and to address class attendance issues, we ask faculty to provide information regarding student absences in UAConnect. This information allows the staff to be notified of those students who have been missing class in a pattern that you believe will be detrimental to their overall performance.

Regular Attendance

The default attendance status is blank, which means the student is attending regularly. Nothing needs to be done to the attendance status for these students.

Change Attendance Status

To change the attendance status for those students who have never attended, or who are not attending regularly, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your UAConnect Faculty Homepage. Go to My Schedule.
  2. Select the Class Roster under My Teaching Schedule
  3. Mark absent students as either:
      • At Risk (non-regular attendance is having a detrimental impact on class performance), or
      • Never Attended (have never been to class)
        Note: If the student is At Risk, include the last date of class attendance.
  4. Click Save when finished.
    Screenshot of UAConnect Class Roster screen