UAConnect: Request an Advisement Report

Users with the authorized security, granted by the dean’s office, may request Academic Advisement Reports administratively. The option to request a new report or to view previously run reports are covered in this document.

Navigation: NavBar > Navigator > Academic Advisement > Student Advisement > Request Advisement Report

Request a New Academic Advisement Report

  1. Click Add a New Value.

  2. Enter the ID and the Report Type in the appropriate fields or click the magnifying glass icon to lookup the value.


  3. Click Add to open the Report Request screen.

  4. Click Process Request in the Actions group to begin the report process.


  5. An interactive degree audit screen opens.


  6. Scroll to the bottom of the report. Be aware the report may be lengthy.

  7. Click the Return to Report Request link.

  8. Viewing options are available on the Report Request page.


  9. Click the View Report link to view your report in an interactive mode.

  10. Click the View Report as PDF button to display this report in PDF mode.


Request Previously Run Advisement Reports

Users can return to the Search page and view all previously run instances of the Academic Advisement Report.

Navigation: Academic Advisement > Student Advisement > Request Advisement Report

  1. Enter the Find an Existing Value search criteria to locate the previous reports.


  2. Click the desired report link in the Search Results.