UAConnect: Set Up New Authorized User

This set up allows parents and other authorized users to make payments to your student account. The student must create this Authorized User ID before the user can access your information.

Important: It is important to know that the access granted to the Parent Center by you to your authorized user is based on your consent for that user to view specific on-line information and is not equivalent to a third-party release of information covered by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). You must complete a FERPA Third Party Release form that allows the university to discuss items covered by FERPA with your user.

  1. Log into your Student Homepage and click the Treasurer’s Office tile.

  2. Click Make a Payment then Add New link in the Authorized User Access box at the bottom of the page.

    eCommerce Payment System Authorized User Access box

    Note: All fields displaying an asterisk in this notice must be completed. The completion of the remaining fields is optional.

  3. Assign the Authorized User ID. You may use upper, lower and mixed case along with numbers and characters.

  4. Type in the user’s email address then confirm the email address.
    Note: You may add a note that will be included in the welcome email to your authorized user.

  5. Select Yes or No to allow or restrict access to your information.

    Notice about Parents or Authorized Users
    Notice about Parents or Authorized Users

  6. Click OK to complete the process.

  7. Click the Sign Out link in the red banner at the top of the page.

    Sign Out link in red banner

Note: The person you authorized will receive an email providing him or her the Authorized User ID, the Temporary Password, along with the URL to access your financial account.

Authorized personnel email