UAConnect: Upload Grades from Blackboard

This optional process allows faculty to approve grades in Blackboard Grade Center and then transfer those grades to UAConnect.
Note: This process is not available for Safari on a Mac.

First, indicate in Blackboard which grade column to transfer, then extract those grades. Next, in UAConnect, select the grades as usual and then complete the transfer by clicking the Upload from Bb button. The final step is to submit and save. Detailed instructions are provided below.

Important: Only the Instructor of Record is able to transfer grades from Blackboard to UAConnect. Teaching Assistants are not permitted to use this process.

Please visit the Blackboard Help site at or contact Blackboard Support at if you experience any problems.

Blackboard Process

  1. Set the Primary display of the desired grade column to show as a letter grade.
    A letter grade is required to transfer grades. If the column is set to display a number, such as a score or percentage, those grades will not transfer.
    For the grade column, use one of the following column settings:
    1. A calculated column type with Primary Display set to Letter.
    2. A text column type with Primary Display set to Text.
      Tip: Name the column you want to transfer so that it is easy to identify in the full list of Grade Center columns in a future step (e.g. Final Grade, Early Progress Grade, UAConnect Grade).
      Note: Only those courses listed in AFLS, ARCH, and LAWW can have +/-in the grade column for official grades in UAConnect.
  2. Complete the Grade Approval and Transfer. The first two steps of this process are in Blackboard.
    1. Access the desired course located on the Full Grade Center in Blackboard.
    2. Click Manage from the top menu.
    3. Select Grade Approval and Transfer from the drop down list.
    4. Look for the list of courses under the Course ID, CourseName and Approval Status columns in the new window.
    5. Select the Status check box of the course.
    6. Click the Grade Column Approval and Transfer button.
    7. Look for the course grade columns in the new window and select the check box for the letter grade column you want to transfer to UAConnect. This example shows Final Weighted Grade selected.
    8. Click the Approve Grades button.
    9. If you see a popup box, click OK.
      Note: A green banner at the top of the page indicates that grades have been approved successfully. The approval status now indicatesthat column as Approved.
      Note: if the wrong column is approved, select the check box next to the column and click the Unapprove Grades button to remove that approval.
    10. Finally, select the check box for the grade column again, and click the Extract Gradesbutton.
      Note: You must complete the process in UAConnect before final grades are due. The extracted grades will expire after 15 days.
    11. Agreen banner at the top of the page indicatesthat the Extract Successfully Ran and the Approval Status now shows that column as Extracted.


The final step in this process in in UAConnect.

Important: You will need to repeat step 3 for each class listed as a combined section in Blackboard.

Upload and Submit Grades to UAConnect

  1. Log in to your UAConnect Faculty Homepage.
  2. Click the Grade Roster link to open that roster.
  3. The Grade Roster screen now displays.
  4. Select Final Gradein the Grade RosterType drop-down menu in Display Options.
  5. Click the Upload from Bb button to upload the grades extracted from Blackboard. 
  6. Review the results page that shows the number of grades that were successfully uploaded.
  7. If all the grades were not successfully added with the upload, you will need to manually input the grades on the grade roster in UAConnect. Select the Final Grade roster type to enter those grades. Grade boxes will be available in the Roster Grade column.
  8. When all grades have been successfully entered, click the Approval Status drop-down menu and select Submitted.
  9. Click Save.
    Important: You must click Save or the grades won’t be submitted.