UAConnect: View Class Photo Roster

There are three options when viewing student photos in your Class Roster: Link to Photos (default), Include Photos in List or view a Photo Roster.

The first two options allow you to view the student photo individually, while the third option provides a group roster.

  1. Click the Class Roster link of the class you wish to view. The roster will open and display the Link to Photos radio button as the default value.

    Screenshot of UAConnect list of courses

  2. Click the Include Photos in List radio button to access the photo roster.

    Screenshot of UAConnect class roster

  3. The Photo Roster button at the bottom of the screen is now active. Click to open the roster.

    Screenshot of UAConnect student roster screen

  4. A new browser window or tab opens and displays the photo roster in a printable .pdf format with a set format of columns and rows (6x3).

    Screenshot of UAConnect group roster with photos

    This roster displays class information, including student names, University ID numbers and student photos.