Test Scanning Guidelines

Use the guidelines below when preparing exams for drop-off. Before dropping off exams, please complete and print the Scanning Drop-off Request form.

Scanning Drop-off Request

Read the following guidelines for preparing Scantrons. See the prepared Scantron example.

  • Pearson 4521 exam forms are preferred, but 6703 forms are also allowed.
  • Remove stray marks, staples, paperclips, labels or rubber bands. Do not bend, fold or mutilate. 
  • Exams must be completed using #2 pencils.
  • Student names and ID numbers are required.
  • Make sure Name, ID and Special Code fields are left-justified, starting at the far left of the answer area.
  • Include an answer key with "AA KEY" in the Name field.
    Note: The Name field can be changed after scanning if necessary. 
  • For large batch drop offs, ensure all exams are secured in numbered envelopes.