VPN: Install GlobalProtect for Linux

Download and Install

  1. Go to the Box folder for the GlobalProtect Linux installers. Select the appropriate package:
    • .deb for Debian based
    • .rpm for Red Hat based
  2. Click Download. 
  3. Open a terminal in the folder where the app package was downloaded.
  4. Install the app package using either:
    • sudo yum -i ./GlobalProtect_rpm-{version}.rpm
    • sudo apt-get install ./GlobalProtect_deb-{version}.deb

^Where {version} must include the version numbers in the file name, for example, GlobalProtect_rpm-4.1.12.rpm.

Using GlobalProtect

To connect to the portal:

  1. At the prompt (user@Linuxhost~$) enter:
    globalprotect connect -portal go.secure.uark.edu
  2. Enter your UARK username and password.
  3. Press Y to continue. 

GlobalProtect will automatically connect to the best available gateway.

Useful Commands

To verify the status and details about the connection:

  • globalprotect show -status
  • globalprotect show -details

To clear credentials for the current user:

  • globalprotect remove-user

To view all commands:

  • globalprotect help