Remote Lab Virtual Desktop

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AVD Remote Lab allows access to course-specific software, such as MATLAB, SPSS and SAS, without having to go to a computer lab in person. Launch AVD and use Search to open the app you need. Use OneDrive to save files.

Log into AVD Remote Lab Report an Issue

Campuswide licensed software that is available to users to download on their own devices may not be available in AVD. 

Get Started

  1. Log into AVD using your UARK email address and password. 
  2. Click “Connect” under the UARK Remote Lab Desktop.
  3. Authenticate to the Virtual Desktop.
  4. The virtual machine will automatically sync your OneDrive folder including your desktop, documents and pictures.    
  5. Enter the application you want to open in the Search bar and launch.
    Note: Documents may take longer to load on first use of AVD.