Remote Lab Virtual Desktop

Remote Lab is available for all students, faculty and staff. It allows you to access a virtual computer lab desktop from any location using any device.

Log into Remote Lab Install VMware Horizon Client Report an Issue

Off campus? Starting January 14, 2022, off-campus users will be required to connect to the campus VPN before accessing Remote Lab. Download GlobalProtect VPN

Remote Lab allows you to launch apps or virtual desktops from any device and any location. Remote Lab apps include MATLAB, Creative Cloud, Wolfram, SPSS for students and more. Remote Lab users can also run a virtual desktop that has all of the same software available in campus computer labs.

Get Started

  1. Install the VMware Horizon Client. This application is required for launching virtual desktops and apps.
  2. Open your web browser and log into with your UARK username and password. 
  3. Click the Catalog tab to see all of your options. 

Looking for SPSS for Students? Follow the instructions to access SPSS in Remote Lab.

Quick Videos