Printing from BASIS

Reports and other selected items can be printed from a BASIS session using a networked printer or a printer attached to a networked computer. 

Note: To print to a non-networked printer, follow the instructions to set up a BASIS printer for Windows.

To print from a BASIS session, the printer must be set up appropriately for use with BASIS. 

  1. Verify your printer meets BASIS requirements. Printers must have:
    • Support for networking and PCL drivers
      Note: Enhanced "host-based" printing is not sufficient.
    • PCL 5 or PCL 6 driver
  2. If the printer is not already on the network, follow the instructions to add a printer to the campus network.
  3. Create a ticket requesting a BASIS print setup. Provide the following information in the dialog box:
    • Printer domain name
    • Location of the printer (building and room)
    • Brand and model of the printer
  4. Allow several business days for the request to be fulfilled. Once you receive notification that the networked printer is set up for BASIS, you can get started.

For more BASIS instructions, visit

Set up Non-Networked Printing for Windows

Follow the instructions below to set up BASIS printing on a non-networked printer using Windows 10 or Windows 7. 

Note: The following steps should be performed by or coordinated with your department's local tech support. 

  1. Log into Windows with administrative privileges.
  2. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features.
  3. Click "Turn Windows features on or off."
  4. Click the Print Services directory to expand it, and then check the "LPD Print Service" box. Click OK.
  5. At the Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound -> Print and Document Services.
  6. Right-click the printer and select Customize Printer.
  7. Click Sharing. Check the "Share this printer" box, and enter the Share name as "win10" or "win7." Click OK.
  8. Create a ticket and provide the following information in the dialog box: