Submit a Document to Print

PrintSmart's Web Print allows you to submit PDFs or documents from Excel, Word and PowerPoint to any Tech Spot lab printer on campus from your own device.

Heads up! A campus VPN connection is required to access PrintSmart if you are off campus or not connected to a UARK Wi-Fi network.

  1. Log into with your UARK username and password.
    Note: If you're using a mobile device, click "View in Desktop Mode" before continuing.
  2. Click "Submit a Job." Select a printer.
    Note: You can choose from black & white, color, and/or duplex.
  3. Click the "2. Print Options and Account Selection" button.
  4. Enter the number of copies you want to print.
  5. Click "Upload Documents." Click "Upload from Computer."
  6. Select the document and click "Open." Click "Upload & Complete."

A green bar will show at the top of the screen when your document is submitted. Within 24 hours, go to any of the listed computer labs and release the print job from the printing station.