Exchange Online

Exchange Online is the official email and calendaring service for faculty and staff. Exchange is offered through the Office 365 cloud and can be accessed on the web or using Outlook. 

Get Started

New to the university? Before getting started with email, activate your UARK account.

Set Up Email and Calendar

Log into the Exchange Online Outlook Web App at with your UARK email address (including and password.

  • Outlook: Create a new account in Outlook using your full UARK email address and UARK password.
  • Mobile device: Select the Exchange or Office 365 account option and enter your full UARK email address and UARK password. 
  • Manual setup: Use the incoming mail server "" and the outgoing mail server ""

More Information

See all Exchange Online Tech Articles.

UARK Profile Photo

You can upload a profile photo to be displayed in Outlook, Skype and other Exchange-related apps.

Department Mailboxes

A department can request an Exchange Online mailbox for a new or existing account to provide a point of contact, for example,

Departments can also sponsor an Exchange mailbox for someone not employed by the university or enrolled as a student and who has a legitimate need to access university email by creating an affiliate account.

Personal Email

Faculty and staff are encouraged to maintain personal off-campus email accounts in addition to their Exchange Online mailbox. Exchange Online mailboxes are contingent on employment. For more information, see Leaving the University.

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