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VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) workstations use centralized servers that provide a consistent desktop experience. IT Services now accepts requests from colleges and departments to replace local computer labs with VDI workstations. 

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If your college or department would like to convert an existing computer lab with VDI desktops, please complete a request ticket

IT Services will respond to schedule an initial interview with your team to discuss rates and implementation planning.

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Why VDI?

In addition to a more reliable and consistent user experience, VDI provides several benefits to local colleges and departments.

  • Anyone who owns a UARK account can log in and take advantage of standard computer lab software.
  • VDI computer labs are less expensive and take less time to manage.
  • Upgrades, patches and other maintenance are managed by central IT, cutting down on departmental costs and support.
  • Thin- and zero-client workstations are inexpensive, reduce energy use and last longer than traditional desktop computers.
  • The IT Services virtualization teams are constantly working to improve VDI and making future plans for new VDI-related services.

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