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UARK Registered is a special-use wireless network for devices that cannot otherwise authenticate to UARK Wi-Fi. These devices include AppleTV, wireless TVs, etc. 

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IT Services recommends that students, faculty or staff check with their local IT support to ensure that their device is capable of connecting to UARK Registered. 

Pre-authorization is required for all devices connecting to UARK Registered. 

Students, faculty or staff can add devices by MAC Address at Registration is limited to 10 devices per user. If you have hit the limit on devices, please create a ticket

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To connect a pre-authorized device to UARK Registered, open your device's wireless network settings and add a new network. Enter "UARK Registered" in the network name (SSID) field.

Devices that are connected to this network will not be able to directly communicate with any other devices on this network. This allows these types of devices to safely and securely operate on the wireless network without impacting the rest of campus.

More Information

UARK Registered devices will be assigned the following addresses depending on how the device is profiled by the authentication system. 

Due to gaming restrictions when using strict Network Address Translation (NAT), gaming consoles are provided publicly routed IP addresses. The public gaming networks include very restrictive firewall policies. 

If your device is not getting the network address or functionality that is expected, please create a ticket

Device Type Starting Address Ending Address
General IoT
Microsoft consoles
Nintendo consoles
Sony consoles

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Updated 07/26/2018

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