Virtual Desktops

Virtual desktop technology provides remote access to apps, as well as a reliable and secure user experience in computer labs. IT Services has started a pilot program for a new Remote Lab service that allows you to launch apps or desktops from any device and any location.

Get Started

Wait! During the pilot program, your account must be provisioned by IT Services. Request pilot access.

Once you are granted access:

  1. Install the VMware Horizon Client. This application is required for launching virtual desktops and apps.
  2. Open your web browser and log into with your UARK username and password. 
  3. Click the Catalog tab to see all of your options. 

See our quick videos on using Remote Lab for desktops and mobile devices.

Get involved with the pilot: Submit a request for access, including why you want to be involved and how you will use virtual apps and/or desktop services. 

More Information

Apps include MATLAB, Creative Cloud, Wolfram and more. Pilot users can also run a virtual desktop that has all of the same software available in campus computer labs.

Virtualization at the U of A

The University of Arkansas is constantly improving facilities and access through virtualization. This pilot is part of an initiative to provide a comprehensive mobile experience that allows students, faculty and staff to access their desktops from anywhere using any device. That's the power of virtual desktops, and it's on the horizon here at the University of Arkansas.