UARK Central Login

Using UARK Central Login, users log in once to an individual application and are automatically logged into all supported on- and off-campus applications they choose to open.

UARK Central Login simplifies logging into university applications. Users can access any supported application without a second login or separate password—even for supported off-campus applications. UARK Central Login helps prevent phishing attacks, protects UARK account information and safeguards user identities.

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Logging Out

Users remain logged into all applications they have accessed with UARK Central Login until they close (Windows) or quit (Mac) their browsers. Logging out of one application does not log the user out of other UARK Central Login supported applications that have been opened during a session.

Bookmarks and URLs

Applications that use UARK Central Login for authentication send users to for login. Create a bookmark after being returned to the application; avoid bookmarking the UARK Central Login page. In the case of UARK Gmail, after creating a bookmark, go to Organize Bookmarks or Favorites in your browser and edit the Address/URL to

Supported University Applications

The following University of Arkansas applications use UARK Central Login:

Supported Non-university Applications

As part of the university's membership in the InCommon Federation, operated by Internet2, UARK users can access applications at other member institutions using a UARK username and password. Currently, University of Arkansas users can access using UARK Central Login. 

A list of InCommon federated institutions is available at

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