Using Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Campus standard technology-enhanced classrooms installed by IT Services are equipped with a tabletop room controller and projector that allows input from the classroom computer, a laptop, an auxiliary device, document camera, DVD/Blu-ray player and/or audio system. 

For a list of rooms with IT Services-supported equipment, see campus standard classroom locations. These rooms feature a tabletop room controller for managing the following devices:

  • Projector connected to the classroom computer, faculty laptop or other auxiliary device
  • Wacom monitor/pen-based digitizer interface with annotation
  • Document camera
  • DVD/Blu-ray
  • Audio system

The height of the ADA-certified table can be adjusted using the small button panel under the right corner of the tabletop.

Watch this video for more information on how to get started using technology-enhanced classrooms.

Using the Tabletop Room Controller

The tabletop room controller manages the projector, screen, room audio and inputs for laptops and other equipment.

  • Confirm the tabletop room controller Power button is green. If not, press ON. The orange hourglass status light indicates the projector is warming up. The blue projector icon indicates the projector is ready.
  • Use the Screen up and down arrows to raise or lower the screen. Automated screens will lower when the controller is powered on.
    Note: Some classrooms have a separate wall-mounted control panel for adjusting the screen.
  • Use the Volume and Mute buttons to control audio.
  • Press the Blank button to block content from being displayed on the projector screen. Press Blank again to show the display. Use this feature when logging in and preparing for class.
  • Switch between the classroom computer, laptop or document camera inputs by pressing the corresponding button in the center of the tabletop room controller.

Using the Classroom Computer

  • Confirm the tabletop room controller, computer and monitor are turned on and the Computer button is selected on the controller.
  • The Wacom tabletop monitor and the projector will automatically display the Windows login screen (move the mouse or tap the spacebar on the keyboard if necessary to wake the computer).
  • Log into Windows with your UARK username and password.

When finished, quit all applications and log out. Do not shut down the computer or turn off the monitor.


DVDs or Blu-ray discs play automatically on the classroom computer using the computer's disc drive or the external Blu-ray player.

Using a Laptop

  • Confirm the tabletop room controller is on and the Laptop button is selected.
  • Connect your laptop to the recessed cable compartment on top of the table using VGA, HDMI or audio only.
    Note: Depending on the video port on your laptop, an adaptor may be required.