Adobe Login Troubleshooting

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Having trouble logging into Adobe Creative Cloud? Try the troubleshooting tips below or create a ticket for more assistance.

Check Your Credentials

If you have already purchased a license from Adobe for Creative Cloud and upon log in you are prompted to pay for a subscription, log out of the account in the Creative Cloud application. When logging back into Adobe:

  1. Enter your email address as the username.
  2. You should be prompted to select what account type you wish to log in to.
  3. Select the option for Adobe ID – Personal Account. Use the password you set when you purchased the account, not your password.

If you are using the Adobe Express license through the University, select the option for EnterpriseID – Company or school account. When the university's login screen appears, log in as you normally would for your email or other university services.

Do not enter your UARK password in the initial Adobe login screen.

No Login Prompt

If you are not prompted to log in, please log out of the Adobe website, and then log back in using your credentials as outlined above.

Creative Cloud Not Available

Students - If you do not see the option to install Creative Cloud from the Adobe website, please verify that you have purchased a subscription from Adobe and logged in to the Adobe ID-Personal Account as directed above. Faculty / Staff – Your process has not changed. You will continue to log in with your UARK credentials as you have in the past.

Still having trouble?

For more assistance with logging into University licensed Adobe accounts, create a ticket. For assistance with personal accounts purchased directly through Adobe please visit this site.