Get Started with MATLAB

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Students, faculty and staff can download and activate MATLAB free of charge. Faculty members needing multiple installations for a lab can contact the IT Help Desk.

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MathWorks Account Setup and Installation

Before installing MATLAB, create your MathWorks account. Under Get MATLAB and Simulink, click sign in to get started and create a new account. You must use your university credentials to access the software.

Click Install MATLAB and follow the prompts to download and install MATLAB products. When prompted, select the license labeled MATLAB (Individual).


The MATLAB Community provides answers to common questions and issues. Visit the pages below for troubleshooting the following problems.

 Steps and instructions for “You are not permitted to use this license” message

 Steps and instructions for “MathWorks Account Unavailable – Technical Issue” message

Appropriate Use and Export Control

MATLAB software is export controlled under federal regulation export control classification number (ECCN) 5D992.c. This classification allows for hand carrying, shipping, or accessing MATLAB and/or computing devices with MATLAB installed outside the U.S. with No License Required (NLR) except to Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria, China, Russia, the contested regions of Ukraine (Crimea - Donbas - Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhya), and Sudan. University of Arkansas faculty, staff, students, and other persons acting as representatives of the university from these countries can have access if the software is not accompanied by production, development, and use (as defined in 15 CFR § 772.1) of technical data.

For more information, visit the University of Arkansas Export Control website, or contact the Export Control Officer at