IT Asset Management

The IT Asset Management (ITAM) office is responsible for accepting and verifying shipments of IT assets, as well as delivering IT assets to the purchasing department.

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Read this! ITAM processes are supported by the IT Asset Management Policy

Purchasing IT Assets

The on-campus Tech Store is the preferred vendor for most computer purchases. Visit the Departmental Purchases page to get started. 

Note: IT asset purchases through the Tech Store or other vendors must follow the procurement office's technology purchasing guidelines (PDF).

Non-Purchased Asset Tagging

All IT assets must be tagged, including equipment delivered directly from the vendor to the department, as well as individual or foundation gifts and temporary loans of non-exempted assets.

If your department is receiving IT assets under these conditions, please contact the ITAM office to ensure correct asset tagging and accounting. 

Tagging and Delivery

IT assets are delivered to the Administrative Services building for central receiving

155 S Razorback Rd.
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Once items are received at the ITAM office, they are tagged and delivered to the requestor (typically within 48 hours). Rush packages are usually delivered on the same day, provided they are received by noon. 

If a shipment is defective in any way, does not meet order specifications, or is of an incorrect quantity, the ITAM office will notify the requesting department. 

IT Asset Disposal

The Surplus Warehouse is responsible for property disposal, including the disposal of IT assets.

Heads up! Before assets are sent to surplus, data sanitization is required for compliance with the Arkansas Computer and Electronic Solid Waste Management Act (1410, Arkansas Code § 25-34-101). For assistance, contact the ITAM office