Create Purchase Request

Create an Internal Service Delivery in Workday to request technology purchases for your department or unit.

Heads up! These steps are only available to appropriate personnel. Contact your department administrator for assistance with purchase requests.

  1. Log into Workday and search Create Internal Service Delivery at the top. Press Enter.
  2. In the Company field, enter UAF for University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.
  3. For Internal Service Provider, select Computer Store – IT Purchases.
    Note: The Revenue Information and Document Date fields will auto populate. Leave the Delivery Date field blank.* 
  4. In the Memo field, indicate the campus delivery address, the asset owner name, building and room number where the asset (technology) will be located and include the quote number.
  5. In the Lines section, click the Plus + icon to create a new line for each unique item you are ordering.
  6. You will create a unique line for tax, use the spend category that represents the majority of your order.
    Note: Do not round any values. Internal Service Deliveries must be correct to the penny.
  7. In the Description field, enter a brief description of the item for the line.
  8. From Spend Category, select one of the following:
    • Item or items that work together as a collective and/or have a permanently combined collective value over $5000 use SC0566
    • Item or items that work together as a collective and/or have a permanently combined collective value between $2500 and $4999.99 use SC0567
    • If the item is between $500 and $2499.99 use SC0568
    • If the item is not: a computer, monitor, tablet, camera, video eqp,  gaming eqp, printer or scanner use SC0422
    • If the item is an extended warranty like AppleCare use SC0026
  9. The Revenue Category will auto populate. 
  10. In the Quantity field, enter the quantity for each unique item.
  11. For Unit of Measure, select Each. 
  12. In the Unit Cost field, enter the amount for the item.
  13. Enter the Requester.
  14. Enter Driving Worktags in the Designated, Grant, Program, Project and/or Agency field(s). 
    Hint: Use the Workday Translator tool to look up the Driving Worktag (under Driving Type) associated with your legacy cost center number.
  15. Click the Splits icon to enter multiple funding sources.
  16. Click the attachment icon and attach a screenshot of the quote.
  17. Click Submit.
    Heads up! Lead times for technology purchases vary depending on the item(s). When the request has been processed, the Requester will receive an estimated delivery date from the Tech Store. 

    *The Tech Store cannot guarantee delivery based on the date entered in Workday.

Local Sales Tax Rates (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
Less than $2,500: 9.75%
More than $2,500: 6.5% + $81.25 (one-time fee)