Install EquatIO

EquatIO is an equation editor that is free to all University of Arkansas faculty, staff and students, and is used to insert mathematical expressions into Microsoft Word and other apps. Mathematical expressions can be typed, handwritten (using the mouse or touchpad), spoken into a microphone, or converted from a photo. 

Learn more about using EquatIO.

EquatIO can integrate with Read&Write so equations can be read aloud.

Windows and Mac

  1. Click to download EquatIO for Windows or Mac
  2. Click the downloaded filename and allow the install.
    Note: If Symantec Antivirus issues a warning about the file, click Allow this File, and then click OK in the Permission dialog box to create an application exception.
  3. Click Yes to install this software. A command prompt window will open during setup.
  4. Click the Accept and Install button. 
  5. Click Next, Install and Finish. 

When opening EquatIO, select Microsoft, and log in with your UARK email and password. If the toolbar shows that you are running a trial version, click Log Out, and then log back in again.

For more information and instructions, visit the EquatIO Quick Reference


From your mobile device using Chrome or Safari, go to, select Microsoft and log in with your UARK email and password.

Chrome Extension 

Click to add the EquatIO Google Chrome Extension.


  1. Using Google Chrome, go to
  2. Select Microsoft and log in with your UARK email and password.
  3. Click Accept. EquatIO mathspace will open.
  4. Click New Space to get started.