Digital Media Lab Equipment List

The following equipment and spaces are available for use in the Digital Media Lab (DML).

Reserve equipment, rooms and workstations using See our instructions for how to use ReserveIT. Find the equipment in ReserveIT under the DML Equipment resource type, the studios under the DML Recording Studio resource type and workstations under the DML Stations resource type. 

Item Details ReserveIT
Resource Type
Studios Group recording studios and single person Study Rooms DML Recording Studio
Green Room Room with green backdrop, lighting, cameras and workstation with video editing software DML Recording Studio, Group Studio
Microphones and mic stands AKG C1000S, Audio-Technica XLR, Blue Snowball, Blue Yeti Blackout,  Shure PG81, Shure SM57, Shure SM58 DML Equipment
Headphones and adapters Sennheiser headphones with adapter for microphone DML Equipment
Instrument Cables Audio recording cables, instrument to XLR cables and XLR to XLR cables for microphones and PA systems  DML Equipment
Webcam  Logitech, located in recording studios DML Equipment, DML Webcam
Drawing tablets and pens Wacom Intuos Tablet, Wacom Cintiq Tablet and Wacom Pen; tablets are located at 3D Graphics Workstations; pen must be reserved separately DML Equipment 
3D Graphics Workstation Includes drawing tablet DML Stations
Audio Workstation Audio editing software DML Stations
Digital Project Workstation Digital editing software DML Stations
Video Workstation Video editing and rendering software DML Stations
DVD/CD Duplication Tower Make copies of CDs and DVDs DML Stations
Scanning Station Scan images and documents to save digitally DML Stations