Green Screen Room and VR Headset

The Student Technology Center offers use of the green screen room and an Oculus VR headset. 

The green screen room in the Digital Media Lab is equipped with a floor-to-ceiling painted green backdrop, professional lighting, a 4k camera and a computer. The computer has an Intel i7 proccessor, NVIDIA 1080 ti graphics card, and 16GB of ram to meet your needs for footage editing or video rendering.

You can reserve the green screen room by speaking with a lab operator in the Student Tech Center. If it is your first time using the groom, please speak with a staff member to be trained on proper use of the equipment. 

VR Headset Checkout

To use the Oculus VR headset, simply make an online reservation or go to the Digital Media Lab and ask the lab operator if it is available. They will set it up and get you started.

The Student Tech Center has an Oculus and Steam account with limited access to games. You can download freeware games from these services with permission from a lab operator. You can also use your own Steam or Oculus account if you own a VR game that you would prefer to play.

The VR headset is only permitted to be used in the green screen room.