Digital Media Lab

Our Digital Media Lab (DML) workstations have a variety of multimedia software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, AutoDesk and more. You can use this space for school work, studying, test taking or creative expression. Services provided by the DML include:

Reserve a service or equipment from the DML using See our instructions for how to use ReserveIT.

If you just need space to study or use our printers, we recommend the general access computers along the back wall of the lab.

Digital Media Lab Rules

  • If you are not using a project station for its intended use, you may be asked to relinquish it to someone who needs it.
  • The DML is a quiet lab and excessive noise is prohibited. This may extend to patrons in the lounge if they can be heard from the DML.
  • DML equipment must not leave the lab.
  • Workstations and recording studios left unattended for more than 20 minutes will be considered abandonded. If aplicable it will be returned in R&R and all personal belonging will be placed in the lost and found.
  • All chairs in the DML are not to be taken out of the area.
  • Only snacks and lidded drinks are allowed in recording studios.
  • Gaming is prohibited on all DML computers.