Special Print Jobs

The Student Technology Center provides access to a plotter printer, as well as a Xerox for smaller specialized printing jobs. 

Plotter Printer

At the STC we have the ability to do large format prints such as posters and banners. We currently have an HP Designjet z3200ps large format printer.


We can print up to 42 inches wide and potentially up to 150 feet long depending on the size of the paper roll.

File Format

.jpg, .pdf, .tiff, .ps are all acceptable formats. Other file formats, such as photoshop or powerpoint files, can be sent in but must be easily convertible to an accepted file format.


$5 per square foot for regular matter paper and $7 for gloss paper. Gloss prints are limited to 24 inches wide. Cost can be charged to your printing quota or RazorBucks.

How to Request a Print

You can request to use the plotter at least one week in advance by contacting the Student Technology Center in person, by calling 479-575-8602, or at stc@uark.edu

Smaller Special Print Jobs

The STC also has a Xerox that can print multiple formats on multiple types of media. If you have need to print on a different media besides letter size copy paper, please ask the lab tech at the DML for assistance with using the Xerox.

Paper Types

The STC generally keeps resume, cardstock, and tabloid paper in addition to standard copy paper. For any other type of paper you may need to supply your own.


The prices may vary based on the size of the print. Generally color prints cost $.20, black and white prints cost $.05, and tabloid size prints cost $.60.