Equipment Checkout List

The items listed below are available to be checked out from the Student Technology Center for a set period of time. You are responsible for broken or lost items. Replacement and repair costs are charged through UAConnect.

If you or your organization need extra accommodations, such as advanced or extended checkout or bulk item checkouts, please submit the equipment checkout special request form at least 7 days in advance. 

Item Details Checkout Time
Laptops Macbook, Dell 7 days
5 hours (Dell only)
Computer Accessories External speakers, DVD drive (Mac and Windows), USB hub, USB mouse, charger 7 days
Tablets iPad, Dell Venue 3 days 
Still and Video Digital Cameras Canon DSLR, Samsung and Ricoh Theta V 360 cameras, GoPro, Sony Handycam 3 days
Camera Accessories Media/memory card reader, tripod, wireless microphone 3 days
Green screen kit Portable green screen with lights, stands and attachments 3 days 
Webcams Compatible for Mac and Windows 7 days
Microphones and Accessories Wired and wireless microphones, cables included 1 day 
Video Projector and Cables Cassio projector, HDMI, Micro HDMI to HDMI adaptor, Mini Display to VGA Adapter, VGA to DVI adaptor 3 days 
GPS Garmin GPS 7 days 
PA System and Accessories PA system, stand, microphone 1 day 
Audio Recorders Olympus, Tascam, Zoom 3 days 
Calculators TI-83 and TI-84 3 days
Drawing Tablet Wacom 7 days
Gaming Console Mini Game Entertainment System (NES) 3 days