Frequently Asked Questions

Student Tech Center Closed

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID19) response, the Student Technology Center is closed until further notice.

Equipment Checkouts Moved

Equipment checkouts are available in the Team Room in the Arkansas Union Tech Spot lab Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I forgot my University ID card, can I tell you my student ID number instead?

No. Even if you made a reservation ahead of time, we cannot check out or reserve items for anyone unless we have your University ID card. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Can I have someone else pick up reserved items for me?

No. If you are not present with your University ID, we cannot issue any equipment you may have reserved. You may have someone else return your items, but you are responsible if they are late or return an item with missing parts.

Can I return or renew equipment without all the pieces with it?

No. All parts that came with the item you checked out must be present even if you intend to re-checkout the item. The item cannot be turned in until all parts are present or the user is fined replacement cost for the part.

Can I use my own keyboard/headphones/mouse with the Alienware computers?

Yes. You are allowed to use your personal equipment if you prefer, but you have to check out a keyboard from the front desk so we know that a gaming computer is in use.

How do I make a reservation?

See our instructions for How to Use Reserve IT

Can I reserve specific equipment by item number?

Not necessarily. When you make a reservation, you can include in the description a specific item number you would like to reserve. This does not guarantee your item will be available.

I saved a project/paper/important document on a laptop and turned it in. Can I retrieve my files?

Not necessarily. The item may have been checked out to another user at the time. In some cases, the laptop may have been re-imaged, which wipes out all data that was not previously on the laptop. It is your own responsibility to ensure you have removed any important or sensitive information from the laptop or tablet before returning it. We also recommend logging out of any web services you accessed and clearing the cache and cookies of your web browser.

I'm going to be late for my reservation. What can I do?

You can call the STC and ask to have your reservation pushed back. However, this is also dependent on the availability of the reserved item. You also have a 20-minute grace period before the reservation times out and you are logged as a no-show. There are no penalties for missing a reservation, but this does open the availability of the item you reserved to other users.

Why is my laptop asking for an admin password?

Needing an administrative password is usually the result of installing new software onto the computer. When you see this request you will have to bring the laptop into the STC and ask a lab operator to input this information for you. Do not call the STC asking for the admin password.

Can I use a group recording studio to take a test/study?

The group recording studios are for audio work only. We have individual study rooms available instead.

Why is my item unavailable even if I made a reservation?

Availability of equipment is dependent on other users returning their items on time. You can make a new reservation for a later time if we do not have anything available initially.

Can I check out an item for longer than the normal time? Or can I book more than one at a time?

Yes. This is a special check out and you must fill out the Equipment Request Form at least one week in advance.