When a checkout item is returned late or is missing, the Student Tech Center charges a fine which will appear on your UAConnect account about a week after being finalized.  Late fees continue to accumulate when the Student Tech Center is closed. Late fees accumulate up to the total cost of the item. Incurring fines equivalent to the total cost does not mean you can keep the item. Refusal to return university equipment will result in a police report of a stolen item.

Item Fine per Day Replacement Cost
Calculator $10 $100
Digital still camera $50 $800
Samsung 360 camera $10 $100
GoPro $50 $800
Ricoh Theta V $50 $800
Sony HandyCam $50 $800
GPS $50 $300
Laptop $70 $1600
Microphone $20 $200
PA system $20 $200
Tablet $50 $500
Video projector $50 $500

Lost Items

If you lose an item, you will be fined the replacement cost. If you lose any equipment or you believe the item was stolen, contact the Student Technology Center immediately so that a police report can be filed if necessary. Explain the circumstances of a stolen item to the best of your ability, including all details and any evidence. Each case is different, and in some circumstances, fines may be waived.

Damaged or Missing Parts

Depending on the nature of damage to an item, you might only be fined for replacement parts cost and not the replacement cost of the item itself. If an item is checked out to you damaged or with missing pieces, return it to the Student Technology Center immediately. Items are checked for damage or missing parts upon issue, but it is your responsibility to confirm this.

Fine Disputes

If you have a case in which you feel it is justified to waive your fines, you may email For example, if you believe you returned an item on time, but receive an email for overdue fines, contact the STC to dispute the fine.

Extensions for Returning Equipment

In the event that you are unable to return an item on time, you can request a 30-minute extension depending on the circumstances. You must call the Student Technology Center before the item has gone overdue. If your item is already late, you must dispute the fines by contacting

It is your responsibility to know when your item is due and ensure you are available to return the item ahead of time. Poor prior planning and forgetfulness are not valid reasons for requesting an extension.

Tips for Avoiding Fines

  • Ask the lab operator what the due back date and times are.
  • Check your email for the "Item Received" email which contains the due back date and time.
  • Do not leave equipment unattended in a public space.
  • Check that all parts that came with your item stay together at all times.
  • Be mindful of how you are handling your items.
  • Do not loan out equipment to friends or family unsupervised. You are responsible if items are lost or damaged.
  • Make sure you have time to return items before they are due.
  • Communicate. We are willing to help you out when emergencies and unforeseen events happen. There's nothing we can do if you don't tell us about it.