Using ReserveIT

If you or your organization need extra accommodations, such as advance or extended checkout or bulk item checkouts, please submit the equipment checkout special request form at least 7 days in advance. 

Use ReserveIT to reserve equipment and rooms in the Student Tech Center and Digital Media Lab.

  1. Log into ReserveIT at with your UARK username and password.
  2. Search for an item to reserve in the Resource Name field by starting to type a search term and selecting from the choices in the dropdown,

    Resource Name field, type and select


    Click the Resource Type dropdown to select a category.

    Resource Type field dropdown

  3. View the items and their current reservations and availability from their category in the right pane; click the arrow on an item to show more information and photo.

    Available items are shown in right pane with timeline

  4. Scroll through the timeline to find open times, and click in the timeline to reserve the item.

  5. In the Add Booking screen, complete Number of Items, Start Date and Time, End Date and Time, and click the Add button.

    Add Booking screen; Number of items, Start Date and Time, End Date and Time

  6. If you see the Booking Terms & Conditions screen, enter your UARK password in the Network Password field, and click Check, and click Accept. After the booking confirmation screen, you can close the Terms & Conditions screen.

    Booking Terms and Conditions password check

  7. You will receive a confirmation email with the due-back date and time for your checkout.

Cancel or Change a Reservation

  1. Log into ReserveIT at:

  2. Click the My Bookings tab.

  3. Click the Modify link for the item you want to change or cancel.

  4. Click Remove to cancel the reservation,
    Make changes to the reservation dates and/or times, and click Save.