How to Use ReserveIT

If you or your organization need extra accommodations, such as extended checkout or bulk item checkouts, please submit the equipment checkout special request form at least 7 days in advance. 

Get started with booking rooms or equipment in ReserveIT.

  1. Log into with your UARK username and password. 

    Picture of Booking Wizard Login Page

  2. Click New Booking or search for your desired item. You can also scroll through available items until you find the selection of your choice.
  3. Click the "Items Available" expansion arrow to display all available resources of this type.

Items available drop down menue with expansion arrow highlighted 

  1. After selecting your desired item, set the start and end times for your booking.
    Note: Bookings will default to the maximum allowed time for each resource.
  2. Click Search to show all availabilities for your selected item. Click Book Now next to the one you wish to reserve.
  3. The following page will display the details for your reserved item. Click Confirm.

If this  is your first time using ReserveIT, you may be asked to review the Booking Terms and Conditions. Enter your University of Arkansas password, verify, and click Accept.